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"Making better, better."

Cardiac / Neuro Surgery Ward

Activities in the cardiac ward unit is continuous, including patient assessment, evaluation, treatment, medication, laboratory tests, x-rays, and other procedures at all hours of the day and night, as required, to maintain the highest level of health care.

Visiting hours are daily from:

15h00-16h00 and 19h00-20h00

(in times without Covid-19 restrictions). 

Children under the age of 12 years are not allowed in the general wards.

Cardiac Ward

We are Here to Help

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital professionals are on standby to help you, both via email and telephone.

Emergency Centre:

+ 264 83 335 9036

Emergency Centre Reception:

+264 83 335 9040

Admissions Details:

+264 83 355 9003/4/5/6

Switchboard Number:

+264 83 335 9000

Alternative Switchboard Number:

+264 81 950 0900

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