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Please Read The Below Information Carefully

The friendly admissions personnel are always at hand to assist you with the administrative process to make it as smooth as possible. 

We are committed in being approachable and compassionate, while diligently obtaining all relevant information required.

For pre-booked cases, please download and complete the Admission Form from the website to speed up the process for admission here: 

For more information call: +264 833 359 000
For Tarrif Information see below.
Benchmark Tariffs as Determined by NAMAF

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is charging Benchmark Tariffs as determined by NAMAF (Namibia Association of Medical Funders).

The fees of all medical practitioners, radiologists, physiotherapists, orthotists and other medical professionals which are not employed by the Hospital are not included in the Hospital’s account. 

We strive towards high quality care at affordable rates that is accessible to all private patients in Namibia and across the world. 

Tariff CodeItem DescriptionCost (N$)
001Surgical cases 4,282
002Thoracic and neurosurgical cases (including laminectomies and spinal fusion)4,587
003Psychiatric general ward3,821
004Medical and neurological cases4,241
005Paediatric cases (under the age of 14 years)5,057
008Rehabilitation ward1,924
007Day admissions – all patients admitted as day patients and discharged before 23h00 on the same day       1,592
021Private Ward on patient’s request without clinical reason (Payable upfront admission in case medical aid decline) 5,344
200Specialised ICU 20,921
201Intensive Care Unit17,656
215High Care Unit10,394
202Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 18,643
216Neonatal High Care Ward `A’  11,296
217Neonatal High Care Ward `B’ 7,019


Please do not hesitate to contact the hospital admissions for a quotation (
1. All accommodation is subject to pre-authorization from the funder.
2. Private ward accommodation is allocated according to the clinical condition of patients.      
3. All accommodation is subject the level of care required by the patient according to clinical criteria. 

The following guidelines apply for charging accommodation:

1. If accommodation is less than 12 hours: half the daily rate is charged.
2. If accommodation is more than 12 hours: full daily rate is charged.


  1. Consumable stock and medication are not included in the accommodation fee and are charged according to the usage and the Namibian price file index.
  2. Theatre time, Theatre gas usage and oxygen are billed according to individual usage per minute and level of care. 
Medical Aid Patients

Different medical aid and medical insurance schemes have different payment restrictions and benefit limits in terms of procedures covered. Please verify these and, in particular your benefit restrictions in respect of prosthesis e.g. hip and knee replacement, cardiac prosthesis and other special major surgery, prior to your admission, as the hospital cannot accept responsibility for charges levied outside the negotiated benefits rate. Queries in this regard must be addressed with the medical aid, medical insurer and/or practitioner directly.

Kindly take note that you remain personally responsible for your account. Any excess on medical aid claims shall be payable to the hospital upon presentation of the invoice.

Notwithstanding the fact that the hospital may submit and/or assist with the submission of claims to a medical aid, it shall ultimately remain the responsibility of the patient and/or ultimately guarantor to ensure that such claim is lodged timeously and in accordance with the rules of the applicable medical aid. The hospital accordingly accepts no liability for the late submission or incorrect submission of claims to any medical aid.

Private and Insurance Patients

The cost information you will receive is a good faith estimate only and is not legally binding on Lady Pohamba Private Hospital (PTY) Ltd.

Actual charges on the final hospital bill may vary from the estimate, based on the patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, and recommended treatment ordered by the attending physician(s). Please allow 2 hours after discharge to finalize the account during working hours. When the prothesis or blood was administered, finalization may take longer.

Persons with insurance will be personally responsible for the account until such time that a Guarantee of Payment has been issued to the hospital. The refund will only be done after the hospital receives payment from the Insurer.

The hospital reserves the right to request a deposit before the day of admission as well as advance payments during the stay of the patient in hospital, as the account should always reflect a credit balance. Full settlement of the outstanding amount is payable upon discharge. The hospital accepts cash, debit cards and credit cards. Refunds will be done within 5 working days from the day of discharge.

Method of Payment

Electronic and internet transfers can be made to:

Name of Account: Lady Pohamba Private Hospital (Pty) Ltd
Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch Name: Maerua Mall
Branch Code: 483-872
Account Number: 8004 457 863

Patient Belongings and Valuables

Patients and visitors are responsible for their belongings. The hospital is not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen goods. We recommend that you bring only essential items to the hospital. Unless placed in our possession for safekeeping, the hospital does not replace lost items.


It is recorder that it is a condition to admission to the hospital that patients must decalre all chronic medication that they are taking and all medicine in their possession. The hospital will not accept any liability for complications arising by virtue of a failure on the part of a patient to declare such medication.

Patients are furthermore required to surrender all medication in their possession to the hospital.

Patient Compliments and Complaints
  • Patient Satisfaction Scoring and Suggestions: If you would like to let us know how we can improve our care or simply wish to compliment us, kindly complete the online form by clicking on the below link:

We are Here to Help

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital professionals are on standby to help you, both via email and telephone.

Emergency Centre:

+ 264 83 335 9036

Emergency Centre Reception:

+264 83 335 9040

Admissions Details:

+264 83 355 9003/4/5/6

Switchboard Number:

+264 83 335 9000

Alternative Switchboard Number:

+264 81 950 0900

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